2020, what a rollercoaster year! More than ever, it is crucial to create facility solutions that are economical, efficient, and sustainable.

Allstar Plastics has created custom plastic fabricated solutions for over 30 years. Now we are busy helping businesses restructure their offices to be Covid safe using office screens, dividers, and partitions. We offer several off the shelf, easy to install solutions made to last. We pride ourselves on creating solutions for every requirement, manufacturing to custom specification.

Acrylic (Perspex,® Pleixglas®) is ideal for many facilities’ requirements. A safer, lighter alternative to glass it is mouldable and can be CNC or laser cut/engraved to a variety of shapes and finishes. Our clear acrylic is guaranteed over 30 years outdoors to ensure sustainability.

We use acrylic with a variety of materials to create signage, custom displays, and prototypes. We weld and lathe polyethylene to fabricate tanks and custom engineering components. Our materials can be blown into domes for windows, skylights, and lighting applications.

Allstar Plastics are happy to work with you and ensure a solution in time and on budget.