Prototype Plastic Fabrication is an art

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

Inspiration comes from nature or places you visit or creativity of others that catch your eye. You have to keep your mind open and have the right attitude – have a fertile mind for brilliance to seed and grow into something that will grab someone’s attention. Starting with a prototype can help save time and money.

Acrylic is an incredible medium to showcase your creativity with a prototype. Allstar Plastics work with some of the best talent in the industry to fabricate designer visions. The creativity that comes from the designer is than shaped, glued and molded by the fabricator with sound technical and material knowledge that get right through to the final product.

Dr Otto Rohm aim was to create a transparent rubber – he was the brainchild of “Plexiglas” which is now one of the world’s famous brands of acrylic. Evonik markets PMMA molding compounds and sheet materials in America under “Acrylite” trademark. Everywhere else in the world, the trademark is “PLEXIGLAS”.

Our Featured image of the Plexiglas Spa manufactured for GJ Gardener Homes.

Allstar Plastics can proudly say “handmade here in our workshop on the Gold Coast. By our incredible team of fabricators”.