The mirrors have been fabricated with diameters of 300 and 760 millimetres and each mirror is based on a convex-shaped sheet of PLEXIGLAS XT HQ that was mirror coated using a process called DuraVisionTM.

To make sure the mirrors look perfectly round, a shiny aluminium profile was fitted flush with the edges. Each mirror fabricated to look perfectly clear and give the sphere a uniform convexity. 

PLEXIGLAS was the ideal material for this purpose because it is easy to form, has excellent optical properties, is UV stable. It has a smooth surface. All of these factors are important for making high quality mirrors.

The “Golden Casket Light Sphere” reflects Brisbane Cities skyline during the day and the lights of its buildings at night.
Located South Bank, Brisbane.

Designed by Tony Assness, Creative Director, John Mansell, Industrial Design and Jono Perry, Technical Director.