From aquariums to architecture, boats to bathrooms, fashion to furniture, glazing to gliders and shop signage to shelving, Perspex® acrylic has been used in almost every application imaginable…and the list is constantly getting longer!

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet – Clear

Transmitting 92% of all visible light no other product offers better light transmission – not even glass. Add to this its excellent resistance to outdoor weathering (we guarantee that no significant change in visual appearance or physical performance will take place during thirty years outdoors), its high tensile strength and rigidity, light weight and good resistance to impact (Perspex® is only half the weight of traditional float glass and five times as strong), it is easy to see why Perspex® Clear is the product of choice for applications requiring critical visual performance and durability.

Other key properties of Perspex® Clear include:

  • A high gloss, hard surface – Perspex® is one of the hardest thermoplastics and remains aesthetically attractive for much longer than any other plastic sheet products
  • Safety – Perspex® is internationally recognized as a safety glazing material meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262
  • Easy to clean – the high gloss surface of Perspex® makes it easy to clean, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Easily thermoformable – Perspex® is easy to thermoform with low cost tooling, leading to cost effective production
  • Excellent environmental credentials – Perspex® is an efficiently produced, non-toxic pure material with a long service life.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet – Solid & Translucent Colours

Colour is at the very heart at the Perspex® brand, and as a designer, can help you fully express your creativity. From vivid yellows, to sophisticated blacks, Perspex® Solid and Translucent Colours can give your project the best chance of standing out and being noticed – whether it’s a sleek storage unit, a specialist point of sale display or a completely new corporate identity. Whether you’re commissioning signage programme for a multi-national chain of restaurants, or refreshing the local village deli – we can deliver guaranteed performance. With excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, unsurpassed batch-to-batch colour consistency and excellent environmental credentials, Perspex® Solid and Translucent colours will help you bring your ideas to life.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Frost

Perspex’s flagship product – Perspex® cast acrylic sheet with a double sided matt finish available in four collections: Vivid, Urban, Hot and Pastel Perspex® Frost Pastels – the original Frost range. Timeless subtle classics that have been a firm favourite since they were launched. Perspex® Frost Vivid – inspired by cutting edge modern colours that will give your designs a creative edge today and ensure they stand out from the crowd tomorrow. Perspex® Frost Urban – a collection of cool, contemporary colours that capture the urban chic of the city. A collection for a sophisticated loft lifestyle. Perspex® Hot Frost – bold and vivacious colours that are the perfect match for the confidence that designers and architects show in Perspex® Whether you choose one of the zingy Vivid or Hot Frost, a Pastel classic or chic Urban shade – with Perspex® Frost you not only get an unrivalled choice of colour, but also the outstanding service and guaranteed product performance that you know you can rely on.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Impressions Linear

Perspex® Impressions Linear adds a completely new aspect to the world-renowned Perspex® brand. It is a sophisticated new pattern which enhances the stylish appearance and superb performance of Perspex® acrylic by adding an element of both design and texture to the sheet.

Inspired by the emerging trend for greater depth and texture in materials, Perspex® Impressions Linear was specifically created to appeal to designers, architects, brands, retailers and shop fitters who are seeking a material with the potential to create a truly unique look and feel.

Thanks to its ability to hide fingerprints and fine scratches, as well as its outstanding ease of fabrication, Perspex® Impressions Linear is perfect for a limitless range of applications including:

– Point of purchase
– Partitioning / screening
– Interior design
– Furniture
– Architectural features
– Artworks and many more besides

And because the design is inherent in the sheet, it will not be rubbed or scratched off and cannot be delaminated.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Naturals

Bringing beauty to the surface – Perspex® Naturals is a cast acrylic range inspired by the simple beauty of nature, designed for retail and interior design applications. Simulating the earthy tones and velvety texture of natural stone, Perspex® Naturals offers a double-sided matt texture, meeting the desire for simple, natural looking materials that perform to high standards in demanding environments. Perspex® Naturals is available in a collection of six colours, offering a choice of pale, mid and deep tones to create harmonising colour combinations, which complement other design materials such as wood, metal and textiles. It is the perfect material to bring clean simple lines and a natural look to any application. From retail point of purchase to interior design, room partitions, furniture, artworks and architectural features, whether the aim is to create classic or contemporary design, Perspex® Naturals will work.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Sweet Pastels

Introducing the yummiest colour range from the Perspex® brand: Perspex® Sweet Pastels. What’s Your Flavour? These fresh pops of colour are set to tempt creators by offering a Pick ‘n’ Mix of mouth-watering flavours; they’re vibrant, fun and inspiring. Eight flamboyant pastel shades are available as standard sheet size with 3mm thickness. An additional benefit of each sheet is the one-sided satin finish, providing the best of both worlds for the consumer by offering both matt and gloss surfaces all in one sheet. Perspex® Sweet Pastels have all the excellent physical properties of our standard cell cast acrylic sheet. All 8 delicious colours were specifically developed with the retail industry in mind; lightweight and easy to install for pop up displays, yet strong durable and hard wearing those more demanding interior needs.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Pearlescent

Formulated to provide a range of products all with a softly shimmering lustre, Perspex® Pearlescent offers even more choice in today’s retail environment. Perspex® Pearlescent offers an attractive effect to designers and specifiers – whether in the world of Point of Sale, display and visual communications, or other areas of design such as furniture and interiors. The lustre in Perspex® Pearlescent is further enhanced by subtle changes in its appearance depending on the light source and direction, meaning that virtually every POS display crafted from Perspex® Pearlescent could be considered almost unique!

Pearl – a natural light opal
Azure – a cool and delicate blue
Candy – a soft and subtle pink
Platinum – a steely, almost metallic grey
Caramel Gold – a rich warm gold

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Spectrum LED

Perspex® Spectrum LED is a specialist cast acrylic sheet with optimised colour performance created to meet the needs of today’s sign market. It enables sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create elegant solutions that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour. Optimised for use with white LEDs, the 11 standard colours which make up the Perspex® Spectrum LED range have a bold intense reflected colour in daylight, and when lit can be used to create bright, evenly illuminated signs, with a slim profile free from hot spots thanks to their excellent diffusing power. Perspex® Spectrum LED is not only for signs – it is the ideal material for any illuminated application including point of sale, directional systems, interior design and architectural installations.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Sheet Secret Sign

Perspex® Secret Sign is a specially developed signage sheet which looks black in daylight and white when illuminated at night. Perspex® Secret Sign is ideal for use in self-contained units for “secret sign” constructions whose purpose is to display a message only when illuminated. Used in banks, shops, airports and car-parks, with Perspex® Secret Sign you can create eye-catching signs – either to advertise a brand name with six foot high letters changing colour at night, or to display a clear instruction at the flick of a switch. Thanks to its excellent and guaranteed weather performance and durability, Perspex® Secret Sign is ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage, day and night!

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“ 5 stars! I can’t rate the team high enough. Their willingness to get a job done with an urgent turnaround is excellent. Thank you for a job well done. We will be back and will certainly recommend you to anyone!! ”

Sally Lythgo, Marketing & Communications Manager, digEcor

“ 5 stars! I can’t rate the team high enough. Their willingness to get a job done with an urgent turnaround is excellent. Thank you for a job well done. We will be back and will certainly recommend you to anyone!! ”

Sally Lythgo, Marketing & Communications Manager, digEcor