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    Acrylic Plexiglas Satin Ice

    PLEXIGLAS® SATIN ICE – its surface hides fingerprints and scratches for enhanced service life. Available in various thicknesses. The velvety surface of PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® just begs to be touched. It has a noble, high-class appearance and looks warm and soft. The material can be bonded, lasered and edge-polished, in thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm & 10mm. Ideal for setting a modern look in

    • custom made furniture,
    • shop fittings,
    • tradeshow booths,
    • luminaires, lighting engineering, acrylic displays,  retail displays, dispensers, … and more!

    A functional product with a soft sandblasted textured surface that diffuses light. PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® sheets have two satin surfaces (DC). They come in a wide variety of colors. • extremely fine matte surface • large range available from stock for individual applications • available in many different colors • insensitive to scratching and traces of wear

    Plexiglas Satin Ice can be cut to size, edge polished, laser cut, bonded and fabricated to your requirements.

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    Our Mission Statement: “Our products will be of the highest quality and we will always meet or exceed the expectation of our customers.”

    0051 Mandarin shop fitting lightboxes
    1149A Lamps Satin Ice

    Data Sheets

    Plexiglas Satin Ice Brochure

    Plexiglas 30 Year Guarantee


    Full Sheet Sizes

    6Terra 8C013050x2030
    6Cherry 3C013050x2030
    6Carbon 7C173050x2030
    6Pine 6C013050x2030
    3Sky Blue 5C013050x2030
    6Sky Blue 5C013050x2030
    10Sky Blue 5C013050x2030
    6Plum 4H013050x2030
    3Ice Blue 5H033050x2030
    6Ice Blue 5H033050x2030
    10Ice Blue 5H033050x2030
    6Laguna 5H743050x2030
    6Bright Orange 2C013050x2030
    3Mandarin 2H083050x2030
    6Mandarin 2H083050x2030
    10Mandarin 2H083050x2030
    6Pumpkin 2H123050x2030
    6Grass 6H553050x2030
    3Grass 6H553050x2030
    6Grass 6H553050x2030
    10Grass 6H553050x2030
    6Pine 6C013050x2030
    6Orange 2C023050x2030
    6Kiwi 6H073050x2030
    6Tomato 3H123050x2030
    6Strawberry 3C043050x2030
    6Lollipop 4H123050x2030
    6Pink 3H033050x2030
    6Gris 7H113050x2030
    3Clear 0F003050x2030
    6Clear 0F003050x2030
    10Clear 0F003050x2030
    3Snow WH103050x2030
    6Snow WH103050x2030
    10Snow WH103050x2030
    3Opal WH033050x2030
    6Opal WH033050x2030

    Plexiglas Colours

    PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® Architectural Sheet