PLEXIGLAS® Textures for LED applications Large back-lit PLEXIGLAS® Textures surfaces command the viewer’s attention. Exciting lighting effects are possible, particularly in combination with LEDs.In the past, neon tubing was used for back-lighting; now LED point source lighting, combined with the light-diffusing properties and surface texture of PLEXIGLAS® Textures, allows impressive effects, giving lighting fixtures and ambient lighting an individual and fascinating note.PLEXIGLAS® Textures 0A000 W (Honeycomb)

Lighting fixture BRETT-LED designed by Ludwig Leuchten KG

Award-winning lighting fixtures with PLEXIGLAS® TexturesIn developing these lighting fixtures, the accent was less on reduction to essentials than on a playful use of new materials. The BRETT-LED lighting fixture combines cutting-edge design with energy-saving LEDs. Ludwig Leuchten KG has developed a light object that achieves a light flux of 1,500 lumen for an energy consumption of only 20 watts. Side panels of PLEXIGLAS® Textures with a corrugated (Ribbed) texture and Radiant Effect produce special color accents in the 1.50 meter long lighting fixture. With the help of mirror-like reflections, a continuously changing array of rich colors, depending on the position of the viewer, is produced, stimulating the imagination of designers and creatives. In addition, the surface texture of the plate in combination with the LEDs allows extraordinary light effects. The lighting fixtures, which will be unveiled at Light and Building 2012 in Frankfurt, have been designed to create the right mood in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

PLEXIGLAS® Textures 0A000 E (Cracked Ice)

PLEXIGLAS® Textures 0A000 R (Ribbed)

 PLEXIGLAS® Textures 0A000 W (Honeycomb)

PLEXIGLAS® Textures 0A000 W (Honeycomb)