Swirl, Twist and Pop at The Cinemas

Allstar Plastics has materialized a vision, with a mission to awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone. The Candy Tree reaches over 3 meters tall with the most imaginative, colorful decor and product mix.

The cinema transports its guests to a modern day version of Alice in Wonderland the moment they enter. Its pop art installation of what will become an iconic over sized lollipop tree embodies “retail-tainment”. The ultra-sensory experience is enhanced with delectable smells of sweets and is filled with delicious treats for all ages.

Project Details

The lolly pop discs are manufactured from 10mm clear acrylic and span a diameter of 400mm – 500mm. Each lolly pop has a screen printed swirl using vinyl and 2 pac spray paint for a gloss finish.

Thousands of lolly pops have been manufactured right here at Allstar Plastics and then flat packed to be distributed and installed by shop fitters Australia wide.

Working with JCS Joinery.

point of sale display