Allstar Plastics have been a dynamic force in the retail, shopfitting and signage industries for over 30 years. Our experienced team of designers and manufacturers will give life to your designs.

In a digital age of endless choices, standing out in the crowd is more important than ever. Visual merchandising and shopfitting are key elements to increasing business sales. A customer’s initial impression is crucial to the presentation of a brand. Attracting interest and conveying a company’s culture to a passerby can be challenging. Custom designs offer the best solution in creating successful merchandising results. 

Allstar Plastics specializes in custom plastic fabrication and achieve infinite ranges of signage, point of sale and merchandising displays. Our vast industry knowledge allows us to work closely with architects, designers, shopfitters and visual merchandisers to deliver the ideal solution to highlight your company’s product.

We bring your design to life using cutting edge techniques and a wide range of materials, which can be utilized to create your unique vision. Our materials can be tailored to work with each project’s need for scale, dimension, durability and budget.

Working from the outside in, we create custom signage by laser or router cutting, fabricated letters, lightboxes and LED lighting. We produce unique merchandise displays and shelving made to suit the dimensions and requirements of each specific product. Working with fashion, realty, electronics, travel agencies, restaurants and more, our fabricators collaborate with you to create your ideal shopfitting solutions.

For more inspiration visit our gallery or email with your project today.