Oasis Broadbeach Shopping Cenre Upgrade

Allstar Plastics supplied 15mm clear UV rated acrylic sheets for install at the exciting Oasis Broadbeach shopping centre upgrade on the Gold Coast.

Acrylic awnings allow flow of natural light into the mall, welcoming the outdoors in with added protection offering impact resistance and expelling harmful UV light. The result is an eye catching touch that enlightens. Acrylic has crystal clarity, pure water-white edges and unmatched light transmission. The dull grey or green edges of glass cannot match the sparkle and elegance of acrylic. Unlike glass, colorless acrylic sheet has essentially zero absorption of visible light.

Acrylic is fast becoming a favorite for architects. Reason being that while properties like transparency, stiffness, and strength have helped to make glass successful, it has been limited by other properties. Its brittleness and heavy weight as well as the difficulty of cutting, shaping, coloring, and decorating glass have imposed limitations on designers, builders and architects. Fortunately, there is an alternative – acrylic sheet. Acrylic is much tougher than glass and about half the weight making installation much easier. It is easy to fabricate and form into a variety of shapes, comes in hundreds of colors and is readily decorated. It provides a new level of flexibility and allows ideas to take shape. It’s a designers dream come true!

Project: Shopping precinct exterior upgrade at Oasis Broadbeach Shopping Centre.
Installers: Hutchinsons Builders.

Architectural Plans of the Exterior Awning.